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New Campus For Butt Sniffers Academy

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new location at 5215 Manchester Avenue in the newly minted Dog Grove neighborhood. It’s big. It’s convenient. It’s not that far from the new Ikea, so you can drop your dog off while you go shop for more furniture for your dog to enjoy.

Welcome To The Dog Grove

Now, try reading that headline again without singing it like Axl Rose. Okay, glad that we got that out of the way. Once again, welcome to The Dog Grove. We’ve got fun and games. Scratch that. Seriously, there’s a story to tell here, and it doesn’t involve an 80’s rock band. We’ll save that for… Read more »

Our Hero Helen

Employees of The Watering Bowl are as unique as the pups they entertain each day. But they all have one thing in common—they truly love dogs. Helen Clawitter is no exception. But she is quite exceptional, which is why we feature her in this installment of our Employee Spotlight.

An Expanded Curriculum

In 2013, we established the finest four-legged institute of higher learning known as Butt Sniffers Academy. Our first obedience graduating class has since gone on to achieve great things, including obeying their owners and meeting more new friends at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare.

Soulard On All Fours

You guessed it. It’s time for the Mardi Gras Dog Parade again. Over the last five years, The Watering Bowl has had a significant showing at one of our most playful events on the calendar. It’s a great chance for members of our cage-free canine community to meet up and get to know one another.

Dogs Dig Santa

While he’s shimmying down chimneys to visit children all around the world, there’s another constituency that’s just as excited to see the jolly old elf himself. You guessed it, dogs. That’s why The Watering Bowl is proud to bring an imposter (don’t tell) to each of our locations this December to pose with your pup…. Read more »

Bouncing Off The Floors At TWB

The list of amenities at The Watering Bowl just keeps growing. This time, we are excited to announce new rubber floors inside both of our locations in South County and Brentwood.