3 Holiday Training Tips to Keep Your Dogs and Guests Well Behaved

Three dogs sitting in front of a Christmas tree

Have you ever been to a family member’s house who can never seem to complete a conversation because they’re too busy screaming at their dog? It goes something like, “Yeah, so we went to visit Aunt–BELLA! NO! OFF THE CHANDELIER NOW!” While the ability to change character so quickly is impressive unto itself, the value…

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Ten reasons to think about boarding with us this holiday season

1. You’re giving your travel agent one less chaos agent Flying or driving, holiday travel is never straightforward. Especially this year. But with your pooch running free at The Watering Bowl, that’s one less chaos agent to throw your plans out of whack. 2. You know they’re with the good boys and girls We don’t…

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Find the Perfect Training Option

We have lots of options when it comes to training. So many, that we made a handy, dandy flowchart to help you find the best one for you and your dog. Right this way: Still not sure? We’re happy to do a free 15-minute evaluation to help find the right fit. Just give one of…

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Welcome Back Q&A

Come On In

We can’t wait to welcome you back inside our locations. With guidelines evolving daily, it can be confusing to know what to do when and where. Do you keep the mask? Toss it in the trash? Wash it in vinegar and air dry it? Well, we may not have all the answers, but we did…

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Dog obedience training

It’s been a little bit. Maybe you’ve been keeping up with your dog’s training regimen. Perhaps you’ve even utilized our Stay & Train service when dropping off for daycare. But we are pleased to announce that we are re-instating in-person training starting whenever you read this blog post. Perhaps you’ve let a few things slide…

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Positive Reinforcements Have Arrived

At The Watering Bowl, we’re blessed with not just good dogs, but also great people. And our certified dog trainers are at the forefront, ensuring our furry friends stay good through 1-on-1 training and classes. Tyler Hayward, Jon Conderman, and Laura Pieczynski head up the Butt Sniffers Academy, and bring many dog-year decades of experience…

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Unpause your Training

Have you heard? We’re back! All TWB locations are offering their regular slates of services, including in-person training at the Butt Sniffers Academy. We think that’s pretty good news. Because if you’ve spent extra time at home, you’ve probably noticed some unwanted dog behaviors, like door jumping.  Our certified trainers are standing by with a…

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We’re Back!

As part of our progressive reopening process, we are incredibly happy to announce the reopening of daycare at all locations, Mon-Fri, beginning Monday, May 11th!

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As you adjust to being at home more, your dog is picking up more cues from their stay-at-home buddy (that’s you). And while we aren’t able to help them get their energy out at TWB while you’re at work, we can help you build a stronger relationship. Virtual training is available for those who would…

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