1-on-1 Training with BSA

Some dogs learn best in a smaller setting. That’s why we offer multiple smaller settings to make it easy for dogs (and their companions on the other end of the leash) to make noticeable progress, quickly.

From Stay & Trains to Private Lessons to Homeschooling, our certified BSA trainers focus all of their attention on your dog and their specific needs.


Pick up an even better dog than you dropped off with this 1-on-1 training option. Whether joining us for daycare or boarding, our trainer will pull your dog out of the pack to work on specific skills and issues you identify ahead of time.

Basic obedience cues are taught and reinforced. Then, homework is provided for your continued progress at home. You can even opt to take home a video of your dog’s session for an additional fee.

WHERE Brentwood, Dog Grove, St. Peters
WHEN During your dog’s stay for either daycare or boarding
PRICE $55 per individual session in addition to daycare/boarding fees
$650/10-pack that does include daycare


Dogs can bring their humans to these 1-on-1 sessions. Our trainer will guide you in working with your dog to strengthen your communication and build a rapport through obedience to help overcome any challenges you may be facing. We also have distraction tools to incorporate into your session.

No matter which training option you use with your dog, this is a great way to start with your dog and learn more about the methodology on a personal basis.

WHERE Dog Grove, St. Peters
WHEN Classes are scheduled on an individual basis when you call South County, Brentwood or Dog Grove. To schedule at St. Peters, call that location directly.
PRICE $75 Per Session


If you are trying to work through location-specific behavioral issues, our BSA training staff will come to you. Door dashing, furniture destruction, guarding, barking at the neighbor—these are all great reasons to sign up for in-home training.

WHERE Your place
WHEN Call Dog Grove, St. Peters or Brentwood to schedule your session
PRICE $125 Per Session


Turn your dog into the teacher’s pet with low-impact, high-fun Extra Credit sessions. Our certified trainers will pull your dog aside for 15-minute purposeful play sessions. Games like fetch, find it, treadmill, tug of war, herding, sit & stay all stimulate their minds in a way that also reinforces self control.

You are welcome to schedule more than one per day. In fact, we recommend it. Extra Credits are intended to augment one-on-one training, not replace it. They are meant to enhance your dog’s experience and reinforce skills learned through more comprehensive training.

WHERE All four locations
WHEN  Schedule during your dog’s daycare or boarding stay
PRICE $12 Per Session


“They are completely different puppies. We are so proud of them. They may become little angels yet. We have a ways to go, but I think we are on the right track. Thank you for what you’ve done for us.”

– Chari

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