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A day at The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare & Boarding may look like a whole lot of running, playing and slobbering, but it’s also a lot of learning, leading and following. Our cage-free environment fosters healthy socialization and allows dogs to pick up positive behavioral cues from the pack. It may also lead to a nice little nap on the way home.

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We’ll keep you posted on dog-related events and ideas.

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Over The River And Through The BowlFind the Perfect Training Option
Find the Perfect Training Option

October 21, 2021

We have lots of options when it comes to training. So many, that we made a handy, dandy flowchart to help you find the best one for you and your dog. Right this way: Still not sure? We’re happy to do a free 15-minute evaluation to help find the right fit. Just give one of…

Over The River And Through The Bowl7 Signs You Need the Paw Spaw
7 Signs You Need the Paw Spaw

October 14, 2021

Our Paw Spaw is a kind of luxury grooming salon for down-to-earth doggos. But how do you know if your dog needs a visit? Good question. Here are seven answers.  1 – You can track your dog by scent.  Ah yes, Essence of Pup. A heady mixture of wet and tired with just a hint…

Over The River And Through The BowlWould your dog recommend you?
Would your dog recommend you?

August 16, 2021

Owning a dog doesn’t factor into your qualification for working at The Watering Bowl. But it certainly doesn’t hurt. And it automatically adds a perk of employment—you can bring your buddy to work with you.  Beyond that, there are several additional benefits to working for a 2021 Top Workplace and an A List Winner for…

Over The River And Through The BowlWelcome Back Q&A
Welcome Back Q&A

May 19, 2021

We can’t wait to welcome you back inside our locations. With guidelines evolving daily, it can be confusing to know what to do when and where. Do you keep the mask? Toss it in the trash? Wash it in vinegar and air dry it? Well, we may not have all the answers, but we did…

Over The River And Through The BowlIT’S SPRING BREAK SOMEWHERE

March 18, 2021

And for your dog, that somewhere just so happens to be the TWB location of your preference. We realize that everyone is easing back into the idea of travel. Just know that when you decide to pack up and head to a beach or a mountain or local hotel with a swimming pool for what…

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