The Macklind Mile is right around the corner. Or more accurately, it’s straight down the hill.

That’s right, the race known as “St. Louis’ fastest mile” is back and better than ever. And we are once again the title sponsor for the Dog Mile event. 

Register at that link up there. Or this one here. It’s the exact same link, so it really doesn’t matter. So is that one, for what it’s worth. And that other one is, too.

They’re all the same place to register. The only difference is when you hit the link to register.  Promo code WB19 gets $5 off registration.

The price goes up if you don’t reserve your spot before 6/24.

The race is on Saturday, 6/29, and while it’s technically a race to the finish line. It’s also a race to the beer tent. So, don’t pull any hammies or pop any Achilleses (sp?), unless you want an excuse to have someone else fetch your beer for you.

It’s an incredibly fun event, and it’s a great way to #DoMoreWithYourDog and enjoy South City. And afterwards, feel free to join us right up the road at Tower Grove Pride which goes until 8pm.

Just make sure you check out the requirements for the race. As usual, no retractable leashes are allowed for obvious reasons that, if ignored, could result in injury and/or hilarious videos on social media. (Seriously, don’t use those for the race.)

We’ll have poop bags and a hospitality tent. We will not have a tent.  We may even have some Uncaged Ale on hand. They are providing beer from a sponsor, so we probably shouldn’t say this.

If you’ve never been. Check out the pictures of the event. It’s a blast.