Thanksgiving Falls On A Wednesday

This year, it feels like Thanksgiving is showing up simultaneously early and late. It feels early for those of us who still can’t figure out what season the weather is from. It’s late for the shoppers and decorators who feel like they’re a weekend behind.

As disorienting as the holiday season can be, we can’t help but stop and take a second to acknowledge how thankful we are.

While we’re looking forward to all the fixins (and leftovers) as much as the next doggy daycare, we are grateful all year long.

We’re thankful for those who make up our cage-free canine community (that would be you and the dog you’re reading this to) for all your faith in us to take care of your loved furry ones. And our staff, whose hard work, compassion and commitment is what makes all of this possible.  But if we had to make a list of all the things we’re thankful for all year long, we will happily oblige. We like lists almost as much as we like gravy.

So, here goes. All week and every day, we are thankful for:

  • Long hikes in the park
  • Dirty paws
  • Sloppy kisses
  • Tail-thumping drop offs
  • Happy reunions
  • New best friends
  • Old familiar buddies
  • A hard-earned hangover
  • The people who make this place dog heaven
  • Days that end in “Y” and start with “why not?”
  • And lots of other stuff that’s hard to articulate to two-leggers

We appreciate you and the trust you put in The Watering Bowl for daycare, boarding, training and the occasional bath after a day-long slobberbath. We consider ourselves fortunate to spend time with your amazing dog and get to know you along the way.

Have a great Thanksgiving. Play hard. Sleep well.