10th Anniversary Rescue Raffle

We wouldn’t be here without the support of our greater cage-free canine community. And if you’d have told us 10 years ago that we’d get to know this many amazing dogs and owners, we’d have a hard time believing you.

While we’re as pleased as can be to celebrate all the Sniff Arounds, Hangover Contests, Butt Sniffers graduates, new locations, promotional partnerships and countless t-shirt designs, we know we wouldn’t be here without the overwhelming support of our customers and tireless dedication of our employees.

So, instead of hi-fiving ourselves—or more appropriately hi-tenning—we’ve opted to raise funds and awareness for our friends at local rescue organizations. And give you a chance to win a year’s worth of free doggy daycare.

That’s fifty-two hangovers if you’re keeping score at home. And we hope that you are.

Get in on the action, and see if you draw the lucky ticket. But feel good knowing that, even if you don’t, you’ve helped make things a little better for a lot of lucky dogs looking for another chance of their own.

For our tenth anniversary, we selected rescues corresponding to each one of our stores, accordingly:

While it’s not a competition to see which store raises the most entries/donations, it will be fun to watch. Just like throwing open the doors and seeing the dogs run outside is fun to watch.

See? We’re pretty lucky. Thanks for all you’ve done to support us over the years and for continuing to support The Watering Bowl as well as the rescues surrounding us.

We’re looking forward to the next 10 years together.