Ten reasons to think about boarding with us this holiday season

1. You’re giving your travel agent one less chaos agent Flying or driving, holiday travel is never straightforward. Especially this year. But with your pooch running free at The Watering Bowl, that’s one less chaos agent to throw your plans out of whack. 2. You know they’re with the good boys and girls We don’t…

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Celebrating the People Behind the Bowl: Our New Campaign

The Watering Bowl is more than beautifully buildings and comfy crates and a group of remarkably rambunctious rovers. At its core, it’s really a group of people: our team. They’re the folks who do the often unglamorous, frequently fun and occasionally extraordinary work that makes sure everything runs smoothly. With your dog, making them feel…

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The Wagnolia Network presents a whole new Hanley.

Back in July, St. Louis was hit by once-in-a-century flooding. Thanks to the quick thinking of our team, no doggies were hurt. The same cannot be said for our Hanley location. But like the courageous canines we model ourselves after, we dusted ourselves off, demolished most of the interior and embarked on a glow up…

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7 Signs You Need the Paw Spaw

Our Paw Spaw is a kind of luxury grooming salon for down-to-earth doggos. But how do you know if your dog needs a visit? Good question. Here are seven answers.  1 – You can track your dog by scent.  Ah yes, Essence of Pup. A heady mixture of wet and tired with just a hint…

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Welcome Back Q&A

Come On In

We can’t wait to welcome you back inside our locations. With guidelines evolving daily, it can be confusing to know what to do when and where. Do you keep the mask? Toss it in the trash? Wash it in vinegar and air dry it? Well, we may not have all the answers, but we did…

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Dog Tooth Fairy

We’re almost midway through February. The first signs of Spring are on the horizon. It seems like the major holidays are either behind us or far ahead of us. That is, until you jolt awake in the middle of the night, when you remember the one February holiday you almost forgot to celebrate: National Pet…

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