Training for both ends of the leash

Dogs pick up positive behavioral cues from the pack all day long at The Watering Bowl, and we are proud to bring that philosophy into our classes at Butt Sniffers Academy at both our Dog Grove and St. Peters locations.

There are several options to explore based on your dog’s experience level. We encourage you to master as many as you can to strengthen your bond, challenge your dog and meet other members of our cage-free canine community.

All training classes are $199 per session, and each session lasts 6 weeks with one 1-hour class per week. Check with your favorite location to find the next class for you.

Puppy Class

Puppies have their own set of needs along with widely varying agendas at any given moment. Coaching them together helps the pups and their owners learn from each other in a social, yet structured setting.

We’ll discuss puppy-centric topics such as chewing, listening and, of course, potty training. And given their attention spans, we may revisit these topics more than once. For first-time dog owners, we’ll also cover the basics of caring for a new family member.

We’ll spend six weeks improving behavior and building relationships. By the time graduation rolls around, you’ll be amazed by what the two of you can accomplish together. 

And it’s only the beginning.


PRICE $199 per 6-week session (1 hour each week)
dog training puppy class graduation


Repetition is what it’s all about. So is repetition. That’s why Basic Obedience offers a refresher course or, for some, a starting point for dogs of all education levels.

This is our most popular class, probably because it addresses a wide range of challenges. We work on sitting, staying, leash manners, coming when called and several other common issues that we all face.


PRICE $199 6-week session (1 hour each week)


For those who already know a thing or two about a thing or two, we offer a more challenging, intermediate curriculum. Sign up for this course if you have a gifted student who is eager to gain more knowledge.

This class expands on many of the challenges addressed in the Basic Obedience class, and it introduces distractions to the curriculum, so your dog can shine in a variety of environments.

This class requires completion of Basic Obedience or an evaluation from one of our trainers.


PRICE $199 per 6-week session (1 hour each week)


This is for the high flyers. The daredevils. The athletes looking for a challenge. It’s your chance to take your dog through obstacles and learn amazing tricks that will impress even themselves—all while strengthening your dog’s obedience skills. 

In fact, it’s also a great confidence-builder for those dogs experiencing mild anxiety issues. Not to mention, it’s a blast.


PRICE $199 per 6-week session (1 hour each week)



You've mastered sit and stay. But something, somewhere deep inside is telling you there's so much more. Or maybe you just want to impress your friends. There's no wrong answer here.

On average, this course teaches over 20 tricks to dogs of all skill levels, young and old.


PRICE $199 per 6-week session (1 hour each week)

“What is great about the classes is that they are low pressure and help make training fun for you and your dog. Training is my dog’s favorite activity and I like classes where he can learn new things in a relaxed setting.”

- Bridgid


We’d love to see you in our next class. But we also offer a wide range of 1-on-1 training opportunities to meet your needs and schedule. Feel free to get acquainted with how we can help your dog learn in other settings.


We love puppies, but all dogs must be at least 12 weeks old. And all dogs over 7 months must be spayed or neutered for obvious reasons.

All dogs must attend a 45-Minute Sniff Around to make sure they’re pack-ready. This temperament evaluation is for the safety of all dogs and humans at The Watering Bowl and can be scheduled online or over the phone.

We also require up-to-date vaccinations, including:

Bordetella (required annually, recommended every 6 months)
Negative Fecal Test
Recommended, but not required: Canine Influenza