Your Dog’s Favorite Website

You probably don’t think to monitor screen time or search the browser history of your four-legged companion. But if you did, and they were computer savvy, there’s a chance this would pop up.

Introducing Gingr, a way to streamline daycare bookings and maintain records for members of our cage-free canine community. Also known as the only bookmark your dog would save.

When you book a daycare appointment through Gingr, we can speed up your check-in time. That means you can drop off faster, and we can play sooner. Everyone wins, especially your dog.

The process is simple, but it does require a little bit of set up.

Simply register with your phone number or email address that you have on file with us.  Feel free to ask us to confirm this information if you are not sure which information you provided.  Then when you book your next daycare appointment you can expect:

  • Faster check ins
  • Immediate confirmation
  • Additional features in the future

As we bring this system on board, we look forward to more functionality in the future. Imagine if you will, a world where you can book overnight boarding or upload specific instructions for our staff. Or receive notifications when your preferred TWB locations fill up for the day. Or, better yet, an app that stores your dog’s favorite podcasts and provides you with progress updates.

Too much?

Okay, we’ll stick to making the reservation process easier for now. If you didn’t click on the other two links above, here’s your third chance to get started:

The two minutes it takes to set up will be saved before the next time you even set foot inside The Watering Bowl. And the next time your dog gets annoyed that you’re looking at your phone when you should be petting or playing fetch, just explain the convenience of Gingr and what it means for them.

Emoji’s can’t express how much appreciation you will receive from your BFF.