Socialize WITH Your Dog

We talk a lot about the importance of socialization for the wellbeing of your dog. It leads to better behavior and becomes a healthy outlet for energy.

The same benefits dogs experience also apply to the other side of the leash.

Humans need to interact. They need to experience different points of view, develop meaningful relationships and expend a little energy now and again. And if they can do that with their dog, the socialization becomes even more valuable for both.

So before you assume that you can’t bring your dog somewhere, double check or ask. A well-behaved dog at a backyard barbecue can make the event amazing for all in attendance.

And in the meantime, we’ve proactively compiled a list of events and places to take your dog for your next outing together. By all means, we want to hear more ideas from you that we can continue to share with our greater cage-free canine community.

Date specific events include:

Bark in The Park happens on May 18 at Forest Park. Register to enjoy the half-day festival including exhibitions, a 5k and/or the Walk for Animals.

Daniel Boone Home Brew Fest takes place this Sunday, May 19th. Beer lovers and dog lovers will gather in wine country this weekend. Of course, feel free to stop by our new St. Peters location if you’re in the neighborhood to sniff around.

Pooches in the Ballpark on May 25, dogs are invited to attend a Cardinals game. A special ticket gets you and your pup into the pet-friendly sections of the stadium to witness a good game of fetch played amongst grown men.

Best Friends ‘Pup’ Crawl on June 8 is a celebration of National Best Friend Day that meanders through several dog-friendly bars and includes a look-alike contest.

The Macklind Dog Mile, sponsored by yours truly, is truly a sight to behold. We’re proud to sponsor the fastest and furriest mile-long run in St. Louis every summer. Come stretch your legs on June 29.

If you’re looking for less structured, more low-key ways to socialize with your dogs, here are a few candidates to consider:

Schlafly Bottleworks patio. (We highly recommend the Uncaged Ale.)

Molly’s in Soulard has a sprawling brick patio.

Doghaus in Soulard. The name says it all.

Laumeier Sculpture Park for the art appreciators on four legs.

Boathouse in Forest Park.

Citygarden downtown.

If you and your dog have a favorite hangout (that you don’t mind sharing with the class), let us know. And if you have a picture, all the better. We always encourage people to get out and #DoMoreWithYourDog. It’s the best way to get the most of our your dog years.