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Over The River And Through The Bowl

Bulldog car ride for doggie boarding St. Peters Missouri

If your holiday expedition finds you heading westward, we would like to take this opportunity to invite you to bring your dog along for at least one leg of the journey—even if he or she isn’t welcome at the ultimate destination of Grandmother’s house. Take a look at the map or your app of preference…

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Crate Coat & Frosty Paws

No, that’s not the name of a new jam band touring the Midwest and beyond. But it is a wonderful pairing of two ways to make an amazing summer even more incredible. Or would that be less credible?

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Just in time for whatever gift-giving occasion is right around the corner, The Watering Bowl is now offering gift certificates. (Took us long enough, right?)

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Hop Into The Lap Of Luxury

While we stopped short of offering a Do-Not-Disturb sign, we do offer room service in our spacious, quiet, new kennels at our Brentwood location. The kennels provide more room, more privacy and a comfortable home away from home for our overnight boarding guests.

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