Just in time for whatever gift-giving occasion is right around the corner, The Watering Bowl is now offering gift certificates. (Took us long enough, right?)

Available at both our South County and Brentwood doggy daycare locations, these two-sided thank-you-card-getters highlight the fact that you’re not just buying a gift for a human. You’re also providing an amazing experience for their dog.

Owners get to spend a night out on the town or just drop the dog off for a full day of play. And the dog, well, he gets to run around all cage-free and social with his buddies. It’s a perfect way to show both dog and owner that you care about them.

And these gift certificates come in any denomination. Just let us know what you’d like to spend, and the lucky recipient—whose name might just be “Lucky”—can put it toward any of our daycare, boarding or grooming services. They can even use it to splurge on some of our toys and other merchandise.

It’s the gift that says, “both of you should get out of the house.”

Which is why the certificate is two-sided. It’s all part of our philosophy that dogs, like humans, need to socialize. And when they pick up their pups, both will be glad to see each other again.

Two-sided gift certificate.

It’s one gift certificate with two very thankful recipients.

Not to mention, if you’re the giver of one of these gifts, you’re sure to see a lot of tail wagging. What you won’t see are any of those fake surprised reactions to gifts nobody really wants.

So, next time you stop by, let us know, and we’ll show you what the gift certificates look like. Remember: buying someone a dog for a gift is dangerous. Buying someone who has a dog a gift to The Watering Bowl is a surefire way to bring a smile.