Crate Coat & Frosty Paws

No, that’s not the name of a new jam band touring the Midwest and beyond. But it is a wonderful pairing of two ways to make an amazing summer even more incredible. Or would that be less credible?

Let’s start with dessert.

Frosty Paws are delicious little snacks for all the good doggies who finish their bowls. You guessed it. It’s ice cream for dogs. And for $3, our staff will gladly reward your pup after a full day of play with a nice, cold treat.

They come in little paper cups, and we’ve never seen one go unfinished. A few of our staff members have even tried them. “Not bad,” was one review. Another was, “are you done with yours?”

So, there you go: Frosty Paws.

Next up: the Crate Coat.

It’s a pretty simple innovation to our overnight accommodations. Simply put, we put a cover over our kennels. The Crate Coat is a fitted piece of fabric that goes around our crates to provide more privacy. Basically, it’s a breathable sleeve.

The goal is to make our sleepover guests a little more comfortable. It eases anxiety and eliminates the need to “guard” territory.

And they’re available to all dogs for an additional $3 per night.

They also allow air to pass through, so your dog still gets the benefit of sleeping in a crate without feeling as exposed.

So, that’s the news behind the Crate Coat and Frosty Pays.

Between a full day of play, a nice dessert and a breathable, privacy-screening Crate Coat, it’s hard to imagine a better place to spend a lovely summer evening. All are available at all three of our locations: South County, Brentwood and The Dog Grove.

And, of course, the pools are out all day for your dog’s enjoyment and relaxation.

We can only hope your vacation is as nice as theirs.