Hop Into The Lap Of Luxury

While we stopped short of offering a Do-Not-Disturb sign, we do offer room service in our spacious, quiet, new kennels at our Brentwood location.

The kennels provide more room, more privacy and a comfortable home away from home for our overnight boarding guests.

These new spaces are:

  • 3 feet wide
  • 4 feet deep
  • 5 feet tall
  • Windowed for a view
  • Open on top to insure air circulation
  • $3 extra per night to reserve


New Kennels at Hanley.

Our first inspector showed up.

The solid walls allow your dog to relax at the end of a full day of play with the rest of the pack at The Watering Bowl. If your dog could send you an appreciative postcard, we’re pretty sure he would.

Front of the kennels.

Please knock.

8 Responses to “Hop Into The Lap Of Luxury”

  1. Bob

    Denver loved the penthouse suites, although he did mention that the caviar and champange could have been served a little colder.

  2. cindy

    where did you get those? they are awesome, i would love to put a couple in my basement for my dogs.

    • Jake

      Hi Caroline! If not upgraded to the Penthouse Suits, the dogs will snooze the night away in a standard crate like you may have used for puppy training. They can have their bed and toys with them if you bring them, and they are only in their kennel from 8:30pm-5:30am to snooze and whenever they eat. Please stop in for a tour to check out the options!

  3. Peg Tyler

    Can two large dog siblings used to sleeping close to each other share the same upgraded suite?


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