Unpause your Training

Have you heard? We’re back! All TWB locations are offering their regular slates of services, including in-person training at the Butt Sniffers Academy. We think that’s pretty good news. Because if you’ve spent extra time at home, you’ve probably noticed some unwanted dog behaviors, like door jumping. 

Our certified trainers are standing by with a bunch of training options, including private sessions for you and your dog. They’re a great starting point for strengthening communication and building a base of rapport before heading into classes. And for added safety, we’ve begun offering off-site training. Just set the spot, like your backyard, a park, or any outdoor location, and our trainer will meet you and yours for a session. Plus, we’re still conducting stay and train lessons during daycare and boarding, so your dog can learn even while you’re away.

They’re the perfect complement to our slew of multi-week classes, including puppy school, obedience refreshers, and high-flying agility exercises.

We’re also proud to say that our staff follows the principle of “Least Intrusive, Minimally Averse” (LIMA) training. Meaning, we focus on reinforcing positive behaviors instead of punishing for unwanted actions. It’s the key for long term change, and a heck of a lot nicer for our furry friends. It requires a lot of patience and know-how — two things we’ve always had in stock.

As with everything, we’re taking COVID-19 precautions. Training sessions are the only exception for allowing customers into TWB facilities, and masks must be worn while inside. We’ve also limited class sizes to allow for proper social distancing while enforcing a very specific cleaning regimen for all contact surfaces throughout the day (there’s a checklist and everything).

You’ve heard this a thousand times, but it bears repeating. Your safety and the safety of our staff is our number one, bar none, priority. If you have any questions about these precautions, our training programs, or would like to book a session, get in touch!