Ten reasons to think about boarding with us this holiday season

1. You’re giving your travel agent one less chaos agent

Flying or driving, holiday travel is never straightforward. Especially this year. But with your pooch running free at The Watering Bowl, that’s one less chaos agent to throw your plans out of whack.

2. You know they’re with the good boys and girls

We don’t put coal in their stockings because we’re not a factory. Also what’s a dog going to do with coal? Or a stocking? Also because every doggie to walk through the doors of the Bowl is put through its paces first at a Sniff Around. Don’t forget to book your dog in for one before they board!

3. Let them celebrate Friendshipmas

You’re pretty fast, probably. But you aren’t greyhound fast, which is why sometimes your dog wants to go play with someone their size, who’s willing to get low to the ground and go maximum zoomie. Which means when you take them home, they’ll be the snuggliest, cuddliest, most unconscious version of themselves.

4. Keep your dinner from becoming a dog’s dinner

Let your turkey go un-licked and know that Rex won’t be getting into the Eggnog. All of which is particularly reassuring when you think about the mess he left last year

5. You’re giving them time with their Backup Best Friend (BBF)

You’ve seen the look on their face when they race up to our doors, and you’ve also probably seen the smile on the face of one of our team members who can’t wait to hang out with them either. In fact, we just made a video all about that.

6. You’ll feel like you picked up a brand new pup

There’s nothing like time away from your dog to remind you that you really, really love your dog. Well, your pooch feels the same way and when they get home, it’s going to feel like you got a brand new dog for Christmas. Just one that’s kinda tuckered out.

7. Give them the gift of snooze

The Watering Bowl has a habit of coming home with your dog. We call it the hangover, when your dog is so tuckered out from playing, all they want to do is sleep. And while they’re in the land of nod? They’re dreaming of playing back at The Watering Bowl, of course.

8. You’re giving them an education

The Winter Semester is up-and-running, and your dog is welcome to join the class. Whether they’re in remedial obedience skills training or working towards AP Agility, we’ve got the program for them—use this handy flowchart to see what works for you.

9. The paw spaw is open for the works

Hey, every dog loves a glow up every now and then—and the paw spaw will get them shampooed, cleaned, nails trimmed and coat blown dry so that they positively sparkle. All so they’re perfect for pickup.

10. Make their holiday gifts a surprise

Everyone loves a surprise—even your dog. So while they’re boarding with us, you get extra time to find them something fluffy, something tasty or something you can throw. Maybe all in one?

Boarding is open until we’re full

We like to give each and every dog the attention and space to run around they deserve, so places for holiday boarding are limited. Book now to secure your best bud’s vacation.