Dog obedience training

It’s been a little bit. Maybe you’ve been keeping up with your dog’s training regimen. Perhaps you’ve even utilized our Stay & Train service when dropping off for daycare. But we are pleased to announce that we are re-instating in-person training starting whenever you read this blog post.

Perhaps you’ve let a few things slide while spending a lot of extra time together. There’s a chance you’ve lightened up on who gets to sit on the couch or which shoes are yours and which ones are toys. It’s all good. That’s why we’re here.

And we promise not to scold you for any lapses in obedience. That’s not what we’re about. How could we be with a name like Butt Sniffers Academy?

So if you’re looking for a refresher or want to build a deeper relationship with your new pandemic pup, check out the training section of our site.

Read up on our trainers. You’ll love them. They’re experienced, certified and great with both ends of the leash.

From puppies to basics to intermediate and full on agility or tricks classes, you can find the perfect fit for you and your buddy here.

And if you’re looking for 1-on-1 options, take a look at these.

As always, make sure you’re up to date on your shots which are called out on our services page. Or just call your preferred TWB location, and we’ll be happy to check our records for you.

Thanks again for all of your support through this last crazy year. It feels like a good time to get some healthy discipline back in all of our lives.