Big Huge Checks For Rescue

Maybe you’ve heard the recent hub-bub about our third location. If not, it’s cool. We can give you time to get caught up here, here, here, and here.

Go ahead, we’ll wait.

Sweet. Now that you’re up to speed, we want to say thank you. Thank you for either reading all of that just now or for participating in the grand opening of our Dog Grove location.

It was amazing.

We had a full-day celebration that included: Doggy Dones from Strange Donuts, tons of discounts, giveaways, training consultations and even a raffle for a chance to have your dog’s likeness immortalized on our prominently displayed mural in the new lobby.

So, yes, we’d have to say it was epic.

But the epic-est part of our grand opening extravaganza was raising money for three local animal rescue organizations. In fact, all proceeds raised on that day were split between these three more-than-worthy causes.

And thanks to you, our cage-free canine community raised a whopping $3,153 in one day.

That means over $1,000 for Stray Rescue, Animal Protective Association and Gateway Pet Guardians. It also means we decided to invest in a dry-erase oversized check.

The Watering Bowl Stray Rescue Donation

Stray Rescue Donation

We found that those big, custom-printed checks can get pretty expensive. And we just thought it didn’t make sense to keep spending money we could be donating on a check that only exists for a glorious but brief photo opportunity.

The Watering Bowl Gateway Pet Guardians Donation

Gateway Pet Guardians Donation

Go ahead. Compare the checks. You may notice a lot of similarities, mainly because it’s the exact same check rewritten three different ways.

And you probably came to the same conclusion we did. We’ll be doing more in the future to raise money for our new neighbors if for no other reason than to amortize the cost of the reusable check.

The Watering Bowl Animal Protective Association Donation

Animal Protective Association Donation

So, now you know our dirty little secret about how we raise money for rescue groups and try not to squander it with silly publicity.