The New Location You’ve All Been Waiting For

And we have, too.

It seems like every day we are fielding suggestions for opening a third location.

“We need one over by me.” Or, “I wish there was another Watering Bowl closer to where I work.”

Well, we completely agree. And we’ve been working to find the perfect location for over two years now. Good news is: we found it!

Check out TWB3, in the central corridor, right between 40 and 44 on Manchester.

The Watering Bowl, 3rd location - Doggrove

5215 Manchester

If you work downtown and come from the West or Southwest, it’s perfect. If you live and/or work in the Central West End or The Grove or South City, again, perfect. Also, we are extremely close to—you guessed it—Dog Town. That’s just about perfect. (Dog Grove anyone?)

And while location is everything, we were also pretty picky about the building itself.

The Watering Bowl, new 3rd location

The Watering Bowl, new 3rd location

We needed a lot of space. We have big dogs, small dogs, boarders, Butt Sniffers and Waggin’ Wagon riders. And now we have ample space for all of them—plus our ever-growing staff of humans to help keep an eye on things.

The first thing you’ll notice about the new place is it will be completely remodeled to suit our needs. There’ll be a huge indoor play area that lets out to a huge outdoor play area, both of which are separated for big and small dogs.

And the new layout will allow for easier drop offs and pickups. Plus, there’s a separate viewing room, so you can watch your pup join the pack if you like. And newbies can participate in more of our Sniff Arounds.

With this new location, our boarding capacity will more than double. And, we’ll also have dedicated space for training at Butt Sniffers Academy. Tracy Pritchard, dean of the academy, is pretty excited about that.

And it’s opening soon.

Of course outfitting this former manufacturing facility for a climate-controlled doggy daycare will take some time, but we are sure it will be amazing. Look for our grand opening late this summer.

And be sure to follow us on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter for frequent updates.

We are so thrilled to be offering a third location and all it has to offer, and we couldn’t do it without the support of all our friends at our other two locations.

So, be sure to check us out, and spread the word to anyone you know who might want to check us out on Manchester, just West of Kingshighway.

14 Responses to “The New Location You’ve All Been Waiting For”

  1. Marie Cusanelli

    Fantastic! Great place for pups to play, stay, freshen up and learn at the Academy? Thanks

  2. April Hill

    I am so thrilled for you guys! Although I don’t live in STL anymore, it has been great to watch your business rapidly expand since the SOCO location opened. It is always wonderful to see people take the leap into business ownership and do well. Best of luck, and I will still always refer any friends in STL with pooches to the TWB! 🙂

  3. Kim

    Congratulations! Look forward to even more room for agility class courses? You guys might be too good, I worried lately I couldn’t live up to AD’s time at TWB. 🙂

  4. Kate Ferguson (Benton)

    Holy dogs! I am so excited to see a local business grow. You guys have accomplished so much. I still remember Bentons first sniff around, he was hooked. He is so excited to join the new dog grove, plus it’s closer to our house. Ahhhh so exciting. Happy Friday! Congrats again on the new location.

  5. Linda Fasterling

    Lady says, “Woof, woof!” So exciting!!! Congrats to all for your diligence and hard work locating the perfect spot!

  6. Karen

    Our puppy loves going to both Watering Bowl locations and she will love this one also. The location is perfect for us – the humans who provide our puppy with transportation. We have been very impressed with your dedicated staff, services,and amenities. Needless to say we will be looking forward to your grand opening and wish you the best as you move forward!

  7. Traci Dodson

    I am super excited about this new location…especially since I live in Dogtown! Can’t wait for it to open!

  8. Paula

    Hi! My puppy and I really appreciate and enjoy your services. I would like to see how my puppy is spending the day, however I don’t use facebook. Is there another way you might display her day, maybe through your website? Thanks!

  9. Lauren Busiere

    This is great news! We drive from Tower Grove South to Brentwood to drop off Walter for day care. We can’t wait for the new location to be open!

  10. Kristina Geiser

    Hi — I was not able to get through on phone, but Daisy (Geiser) won’t be coming in today due to work conflict on my end. She will be in Wednesday March 30.
    Thanks, Kristina Geiser
    (Please let me know you received this).

    • Teresa Voss

      Kristina, I’m sorry you couldn’t get through on the phones this morning. I’ll be sure to take Daisy off the schedule. Feel free to email or Facebook us as well for any future appointments or cancellations. Thanks!


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