New Campus For Butt Sniffers Academy

There’s a lot to be excited about with the new location at 5215 Manchester Avenue in the newly minted Dog Grove neighborhood.

It’s big. It’s convenient. It’s not that far from the new Ikea, so you can drop your dog off while you go shop for more furniture for your dog to enjoy.

City Dogs Just Got A Bigger Yard

It’s even got its own billboard.

But (or maybe it’s Butt) perhaps the biggest news is that Butt Sniffers Academy now has a home campus. It’s a sprawling home for our four-legged institute of higher learning that only makes our alumni more proud and our future students more enthusiastic.

You really should take the tour.

Butt Sniffers Academy Training Room

The biggest benefit of having a home campus for Butt Sniffers Academy is the space. Now that there’s more room, we can offer classes during regular business hours.

That means you can sign up for a class that starts right when you pick your dog up. Or you can swing by home and bring your puppy by for Puppy Class.

Or your can even come in on the weekends and join a class in the morning.

We don’t have to wait until all of our doggy daycare patrons clear out to make room. It’s all ready. And it’s close to work, assuming you work somewhere in the St. Louis metropolitan area.

Our Dog Grove location is right down the street from Gateway Pet Guardians, Hillside Animal Hospital and The Humane Society. So, the dogs who might benefit most from a few courses at BSA know the neighborhood well.

There’s more news from Butt Sniffers Academy.

We’re expanding our Stay & Train program. That means you can drop your dog off for doggy daycare and get training. We like to say you get to pick up an even better dog.

A one-day session will cost $55. But if you decide to sign up for 5 sessions, you can lock in for $250 and get a video with tips and tricks from the trainer to help you continue to learn with your dog at home.

Or, you can go for a 10-day package that includes two videos for $450.

Private lessons are another option at the Dog Grove campus. Those run $65 for one hour of one-on-one instruction with the dog owner present.

And in-home sessions, where Butt Sniffers Academy comes to you, are $85 per visit.

We couldn’t be more thrilled with the progress of the new location, and can’t wait to show you and your dog around.

Hope to see you there soon.