The Hangover Goes Commercial

The Hangover Effect that dog owners have been telling us about since we first opened back in 2010 inspired our highly proprietary Hangover Contest. Now, The Hangover Effect is taking even more prominence in our first-ever television commercial.

So without further description and risk of spoiling the whole thing, we encourage you to play the spot below before reading any more.

There we go. Thanks for staying with us.

We’re thrilled with the commercial, and we couldn’t have done it without help from a whole lot of people and pups.

First and foremost, we have to thank our superstar thespian, Remington. He played the role of hungover dog to a tee. And we have to say his method acting really comes through in the final product.

Remington’s dad, Mark Halski, served as our director and editor for the commercial. Mark is a photographer and film director at Halski Studio who graciously turned his talents to our project in exchange for more hangovers for Remington.

“It was a really fun project from the very beginning. It’s by far the favorite commercial of my two kids, Luke and Claudia,” notes Halski.

The music track was also created specially for this commercial. Composed and performed by Eric Hudson, we think it does a great job of capturing the energy of the doggy daycare experience at The Watering Bowl.

Hopefully, you’ll be seeing the commercial on air, in your living rooms and play it over and over and over on our website. Feel free to share it, and submit unsolicited ideas for our next commercial.

Well, it looks like we just solicited your ideas. So submit some if you feel like it.

The spot begins airing this month and leads right up to next month’s second-annual Hangover Contest. Details coming soon on how and when you can submit your potentially embarrassing photos of your pup for a chance to win more hangovers.

Feel free to visit last year’s winners for some inspiration. Or, just keep watching the commercial!