TWB Hangover Contest–Winners Announced


First of all, THANK YOU to all of our participants, voters and employees who made the first-ever TWB Hangover Contest a whole lot of fun!

We collected over 7,000 votes with twelve hungover dogs receiving 100+ votes in the first round.

And as if that wasn’t enough, we had two dogs tie for first in South County! Unbelievable.

Congratulations to Oliver from Hanley, who secured 296 votes by the time voting ended on Saturday.

TWB Hangover Contest Winner

Oliver K. from Hanley

And the two dogs who tied at 324 votes in South County were Germ and Bailey.

TWB Hangover Contest Winner, Germ

Germ from South County


TWB Hangover Contest Winner, Bailey

Bailey, South Couty

All six finalists earned an authentic TWB t-shirt, and the winners each secured 5 free days of doggy daycare at The Watering Bowl.

Great job everyone! We had a great time scrolling through the over 190 photos of satisfied (hungover) customers!

**UPDATE 6/24/2013**

It appears there was a massive dog hangover epidemic in the St. Louis area that resulted in 192 entries into the first-ever TWB Hangover Contest.

Thank you to all of the participants and voters. We had 12 dogs with over 100 votes!

And we’re proud to unveil the six finalists for voting, 3 from South County and 3 from our Hanley location.

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Oliver K. from Hanley

Ron from Hanley

Buffett from Hanley

Mimi from South County

Bailey from South County

Germ from South County

Be sure to follow us on Twitter where we’ll share photos of some of our favorite non-finalists during the coming weeks.



There’s a phenomenon associated with a trip to The Watering Bowl. It’s called The Watering Bowl Hangover.

The Watering Bowl Hangover occurs when your dog walks in all waggy-tailed for a full day of doggy daycare and walks out ready to pass the heck out in the backseat of your sedan.

You know how it goes. He’s exhausted. He’s had a full day of play, and that one day is going to carry over to the next—kind of like a hangover.

Three sleeping dogs at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare indoor play area.

Some hangovers hit before the dogs even leave.

So, there you go. That’s what a TWB hangover is. If you’ve been here, you’ve seen it. Now you know it has a name.

But, where does this contest part come in? That’s a good question and a handy segue into the next paragraph.

The contest involves you. Remember when your friends used to pass out after partying too much? Remember how you used to take unflattering pictures of them with Sharpie tattoos? Or strategically-placed whipped cream? Or whatever else you can think of to embarrass the one who kicked it so hard they wound up sleeping in places and at angles never before thought plausible?

Those are the pictures we want. Pictures of your pooch passed out after a trip to The Watering Bowl.

So, we’re hosting a contest to find the best photo of our patrons snoozing after a full day of play at our South County and Brentwood locations.


Here’s how it works:

You bring your dog to TWB. He sleeps. Hard.

You grab your camera and get the cutest, most embarrassing, hilarious, fun, passed out photo and submit it to our Facebook page.

Submissions begin June 9th and will be accepted through the 15th.

Voting begins on the 16th. One like equals one vote. And the top three submissions from each TWB location will advance to a final round of voting that will take place from June 24th through the 30th.

All finalists will receive a free TWB t-shirt. And the two winners (one from each location) will get a free 5-Pack of days at The Watering Bowl.

Pretty fun. Pretty simple. And we’re looking forward to some pretty great photos.

We’re limiting the submissions to one photo per pup—which will help increase your chances of winning. And it’s worth noting that we are hoping to use these photos to promote our cage-free experience at TWB. So, when you submit a photo, you are saying that you’re cool with seeing this potentially embarrassing photo of your dog plastered on a billboard or in a tweet from @TheWateringBowl.

We simply ask that you format your submission with your dog’s name, contest name and TWB location where the hangover came from. For example, your submission might say:

Sparky, TWB Hangover Contest, The Watering Bowl, South County

The best part is, we got this idea directly from our customers. Some of you have already been posting pics of your dogs snoozing away after playing with us and tagging TWB in the photos. And we love it!

So, now is your chance to cash in on that brilliant idea and see other dogs who are doing the same thing.

We hope you’ll join in the fun and share your dog’s post-party pics with us for a chance to win.