TWB Rates & Requirements

Rates & Requirements

All dogs go to heaven. The lucky ones go to The Watering Bowl.

Choose the plan that works best for your dog and your schedule.


Cage-free romping with the pack.

Half Day
(Up to 5 hours)
$12 Each Additional Dog
Full Day $25
$18 Each Additional Dog
5-Day Plan $110
$85 Each Additional Dog
10-Day Play $200
$160 Each Additional Dog
Early Drop Off
(1 hour before open)
Late Pick-Up
(1 hour after close)
$5 for first 30 minutes

$10 for second 30 minutes



This includes a full day of cage-free doggy daycare. Please bring pre-bagged meals to insure timely and accurate feeding for all pups.

One Night $37
$28 Each Additional Dog
10-Night Package
$333 A 10% Discount
Suite Upgrade $3 per night*
Holidays $5 additional**

We require a $50 boarding-stay deposit that becomes non-refundable once we are fully booked.


*Brentwood location only.
**See boarding page for additional holiday schedules, deposits and requirements.

Paw Spaw:

Pamper your pup with a bath and blow dry, so they’re all fresh for the ride home.

Small Dog $20
Medium $22
Large $25
XL $29


Nail Trim $10
Nail Grind $15
Ear Cleaning $3
Shed Treatment $10


The Waggin’ Wagon:

Get doggy door-to-door service from The Watering Bowl by calling at least 24 hours in advance to arrange pick-up and drop off service from our dog-friendly, customized van.

Rates available upon inquiry. 


*Multiple-dog discounts apply to dogs from the same household brought in and picked up together.

**Packages do not expire and do not need to be used on consecutive days.

Your dog is welcome here, as are the following forms of payment:
cash, check, Visa, MasterCard and Discover.


Butt Sniffers Academy offers a wide range of courses for dogs of all skill levels and owners of all scheduling challenges. Take a look at the course descriptions and get a feel for how we work with our three new video overviews, featuring our dean, Tracy Pritchard.

Stay & Train                         $55*

Homeschooling                  $85*

Private Lessons                  $65

Basic 6-week                        $149

Puppy 6-week                      $149

Intermediate 6-week        $149

Agility 6-week                     $149

*see details 

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