The Wagnolia Network presents a whole new Hanley.

Back in July, St. Louis was hit by once-in-a-century flooding. Thanks to the quick thinking of our team, no doggies were hurt. The same cannot be said for our Hanley location. But like the courageous canines we model ourselves after, we dusted ourselves off, demolished most of the interior and embarked on a glow up worthy of your favorite home improvement network. So join us for a carefully-curated tour of the updates and prepare to shout “Wow!” and “No WAY!” and “Is this even my home?!” (It’s not, it’s ours.)

Front-of-House Fixer

We totally redesigned the lobby with new flooring and a custom bar-height desk that should make checking-in and -out even easier than before. To finish off the new look, we gave the whole interior a fresh coat of paint in a color Leanne Ford would be proud of.

Good-er Bones 

The flood waters really did a number on us. So we completely gutted and replaced any electrical and drywall below 4’ and had the HVAC ductwork professionally cleaned. While we were there, we scaled very tall ladders to remove doggie hair from the ceiling rafters, at a mere 16 feet off the ground.

Flip or Flop or Frolic

Whatever your dog wants to do, we want to make sure the exterior is made for it. So we tore out the ramp and stairs to the yard and replaced it with a (very expensive) concrete ramp and new stairs. Plus, we replaced the turf and drainage system for a more fun run around.


Every dog deserves a spa, so we completely redesigned the paw spaw with new drains, an additional sink, a repainted and decorated bathing room and a new washer/dryer combo. That’s right: first floor laundry. It’s what we call sweat equity.

Giving Back

We’ve created these tees to commemorate the epic rescue at Hanley. Yes, they feature an ax. They’ll also help us with the cost of rebuilding. They’re very limited edition, so get yours while you can.

A Long List of Improvements

  • Replaced the rubber floor with new, thicker rubber.
  • Replaced the turf and drainage system.
  • Tore out the ramp & stairs to the outside yard and replaced it with a more substantial concrete ramp & stairs.
  • Replaced all of the walls in the suites.
  • Pulled out all interior fencing. Sent it off to get sandblasted, primed & painted.
  • Replaced the flooring in the lobby.
  • Ripped all drywall & electrical that was below 4’ and replaced it with new.
  • Repainted the entire interior.
  • Rebuilt the entire bathing room.
  • Added a washer/dryer.
  • Added an additional sink & drain in the storage closet.
  • Removed hair from every ceiling rafter…16’ off the ground.
  • Had a new bar height front desk custom built.
  • Swapped the Manager’s office for the storage room for better flow and more storage.
  • Had new custom built desk installed in the Manager’s office.
  • New Audio/video system installed throughout.
  • Had all of the HVAC ductwork professionally cleaned out.