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Hard To Believe It’s Been 9 Years

It’s been nine years since we first threw open the big overhead door to release the hounds in South County. Nine years since we begged all our friends and family to come “make us look busy.” Nine years since Madden and Ruger, our founding dogs, helped us make all the crucial, four-legged decisions. And it’s…

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Your Dog’s Favorite Website

You probably don’t think to monitor screen time or search the browser history of your four-legged companion. But if you did, and they were computer savvy, there’s a chance this would pop up. Introducing Gingr, a way to streamline daycare bookings and maintain records for members of our cage-free canine community. Also known as the…

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Sun’s Out Tongues Out

Summer showed up, and we noticed. Your dog did, too. And just as the Robin is the harbinger of Spring, the pools at The Watering Bowl are a sign of warm, splashy days of doggy daycare. If you haven’t seen them, it’s probably because you’re not a dog. If you have, we’re impressed that you’re…

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Chase The Waggin’ Wagon

Don’t bite the bumper, but do keep your eyes peeled for our one-van fleet in action. Not only is it a beauty to behold, but you can also benefit from sharing your sighting with the rest of our cage-free canine community.

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Lasting Effects of the Hangover Contest

As a thank you to all those who participated in our first-ever TWB Hangover Contest, we wanted to give you an overview of how it all went down. So, scroll on through to see the amazing stuff that happened because of friends like you.

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