The Bowl That Binds: Building A Stronger Relationship With Your Dog

Dog Smarts Seminar, Wednesday March 2

We all know dogs. And we all love dogs. But there’s always more we can learn about them in order to get to know and love them, better and more.

That’s the whole idea behind our Dog Smarts Seminars.

Inspired by our ongoing Dog Smarts blog series as well as our natural curiosity, we’re getting the human side of our cage-free canine community together to talk about our four-legged companions behind their backs.

We did this once before. And while it was a little strange to have people at The Watering Bowl without their dogs, we all acclimated pretty quickly. And everyone seemed to behave themselves, given a new environment.

This time, we’ll host it indoors at our new Dog Grove facility. If you haven’t visited yet, this is as good an excuse as any.

It’s a pretty laidback event. We have two featured speakers and a question and answer session to follow.

We’ll have insight from Dr. Edward Migneco from Hillside Animal Hospital. Dr. Ed’s presentation is titled, “Veterinary Medicine, Life on the Streets,” and he’ll cover topics related to all dogs as well as his specific experience with rescues.

He’ll offer his perspective on health and wellness through the different stages of your dog’s life. He will cover Giardia, worms, Coccidia, Kennel Cough and other things vets know more about than we do.

Dr. Ed has 30 years of experience with an emphasis on dogs and cats. And we are thrilled to have his perspective on how to build a great relationship with your pup through health.

We’ll also have Tracy Pritchard, the dean of our very own Butt Sniffers Academy. She will address the importance of discipline in a healthy, rewarding relationship. Tracey teaches a wide range of classes for Butt Sniffers and does one-on-one training every day for us. And she’s just as dynamic with a group of people as she is with eight week-old pups.

A $5 donation will get you access to their expertise as well as catered pizza. All  proceeds will benefit Gateway Pet Guardians, and members of our staff will be on hand to answer any questions you may have and offer informal tours of the new location.

Doors open at 6:30.

Admission: $5 donation, going to local rescues

Speakers include:

  • – Edward Migneco, DVM, Hillside Animal Hospital 7:00pm
  • – Tracy Pritchard, Dean, Butt Sniffers Academy, 7:30pm
  • – Q&A with Dr. Ed and Dean Tracey 8:00-8:30

We all learn from our dogs every day. And at The Watering Bowl, we are fortunate enough to learn from all of your dogs. This is our chance to share some Dog Smarts with you and compare notes. Plus, we get to put a face with the names of our dog parents.

We can’t wait to have you. RSVP here.