Free Dog Smarts Seminar

Our cage-free canine community is giving back to the rest of the community by hosting a free seminar to benefit the Animal Protective Association. It’s free for all of our clients, and any donations or proceeds from the event will go 100% to the APA.

But what’s in it for you? Good question.

Every day, we are fortunate to learn from our clients. Now, it’s our turn to share those learnings at our inaugural Dog Smarts Seminar.

Laura Jones, from the Animal Protective Association, will discuss the challenges and rewards of adopting a rescue dog.

Dr. Ashley Apking, from Millis Animal Hospital, will share tips about overall health and wellness throughout your dog’s life.

Tracy Pritchard, of our very own Butt Sniffers Academy, will talk about how training can help you develop a strong relationship with your dog.

  • Dog Smarts Seminar
  • – June 24th
  • – 6:30pm-8:00pm
  • Hanley Location
  • – Free Admission for the first 50 people to RSVP via email or facebook.
  • – #TWBDogSmarts to share the knowledge

Then afterwards, we will offer an open Q&A session with all of our speakers on a panel. There’s no such thing as a dumb question. And don’t worry, your dog won’t be there to ridicule you—not that he would. Dogs just aren’t invited.

We know. That sounds weird. A bunch of people hanging out in the play area at a doggy daycare with no dogs. But trust us, it’ll be worth the irony.

First of all, it’s free. And we’ll have food. Plus, it won’t be all preachy.

But it will be helpful for any dog owner. Oh, and of course, fun.

Food and beverages will be provided by St. Louis Bread Company. How about that?

We’ll have a silent auction and raffle with all proceeds going to the APA. And if you feel so inclined, you are welcome to donate directly to this wonderful organization while you’re here.

If you’re unfamiliar with the APA, their mission is to find homes for local homeless dogs. So, they’re uniquely qualified to talk about the special bond between humans and pets. They’re also doing great work all around us.

So, come. Meet your dog’s friends’ parents. And learn a little in a relaxed, fun atmosphere. Trust us, your dog loves hanging out here. You will, too.