Sold-Out Doggy Dones

Hot cakes are now officially selling like Doggy Dones.

doggy dones

doggy dones

Thanks to Kelly and David Backes of Athletes for Animals and our co-conspirators over at Strange Donuts for a great collaboration for a great cause.

And thank you to all of our customers who sampled the treats. Admittedly, we tried a few ourselves and found them to be downright delicious.

All told, our limited-time-offered Doggy Dones netted (Get it? David Backes plays hockey and scores lots of goals? In the net?) over $1,000!

That’s more than you can shake a hockey stick at. Okay, okay. We’ll stop. Don’t put us in the penalty box. Ouch. Okay. No more. Promise.

Back on track.

We look forward to presenting the check to our new friends and finding more ways to connect with a fantastic organization. If you’re late to the Doggy Dones phenomenon, you can read all about where it came from here.

And if you’d like to make a direct donation to Athletes For Animals, feel free to click here.

Hopefully, we can find a way to make this whole wonderful thing happen again soon.