Embrace Your Dog’s Hangover

Some hangovers are so epic that you vow never to experience one again. Others, like the kind that spurred our contest from last year, beg to be revisited.

That’s why we’re proud to invite you and your pup to participate in this year’s Hangover Contest at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare.

It’s our second annual installment, and unlike some sequels, this TWB Hangover Contest promises to be bigger and better. Check out last year’s winners as inspiration, knowing full well that you and your dog will need to bring your A-hangover game this time around.

In case this is your first Hangover Contest, here’s a rundown of how it works. It’s pretty simple.

Bring your dog to either TWB location. Bring him home. Once he passes out—which he will—which may happen before you even get home—snap a potentially embarrassing but most likely cute photo.

Upload that photo to our facebook page.

Submissions begin September 22nd and will be accepted through the 29th.  (No voting at this time, any ‘likes’ accumulated will be lost once we make the Voting Album.)

Voting begins on the 30th through the October 4th. We’ll gather up all of the photos and put them in a fancy schmancy album and let voting commence! One ‘like’ makes one vote. The votes do not count until the voting period begins. The votes must be the photos in our album. Share it with your friends and their friends and anyone else who will appreciate your submission. But, wait to share until the voting period opens to help get your pooch more votes, and be sure to share the photo in our album so the ‘likes’ count.

And the top three submissions from both South County and Hanley will advance as finalists to a second round of voting that will take place from October 6th through the 10th.

All finalists will receive a TWB T-shirt and get a free day of daycare.

A few of the TWB hangover t-shirts

A few of the TWB hangover t-shirts

Two grand-prize winners will earn a 5-Pack of daycare at The Watering Bowl.

That’s five more hangovers.

And as an added wrinkle this year, we are going to select one staff choice outside of the winners for a 3-day pack.

A few details are as follows:

– One photo submission per pup.

– All submissions can be used by The Watering Bowl.

– Each submission should include your dog’s name, contest name and TWB location where the hangover was acquired.


Here’s an example:

Stella, TWB Hangover Contest, The Watering Bowl, South County

It’s all simple, and it’s all good fun. We can’t wait to check out the photos.

So, join in the fun by entering or just voting for your favorites. We love watching your dog at TWB. The next best thing is seeing the hangover resulting from a full day of play.