Clearing The Air With Hoffmann Brothers

Cleaning the air is probably more accurate. And we have Hoffman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning to thank for helping us do just that.

They’ve been bringing their dogs here for years, and one day, they came to us and said, “You know, dogs have pretty strong olfactory senses.”

So, we promptly Googled “olfactory,” and the next time they came in, we responded aptly, “Indeed, they do have strong olfactory senses.”

“Well,” one of the Hoffmann Brothers replied after our reply, “you do such a great job of tending to all of their other senses, you may want to consider cleaning the air around them.”

Truth is, this has been on our mind for a while now. And Hoffman Brothers is right. We’ve cushioned our floors, dampened the sound, circulated the air, anti-bacteria’d our turf and made multiple upgrades across every experience you and your dog can have at The Watering Bowl doggy daycare locations.

But air cleaning was either not available or, eventually, cost prohibitive.

Thankfully, Hoffman Brothers stepped in to help us install pooper scoopers for the air. Or as they call it, the Air Scrubber Plus system. And now we can’t imagine life before the day they inadvertently taught us what “olfactory” means.

The new systems, of which we have installed a total of nine, kill airborne bacteria, mold, viruses and most noticeably, odor. So, if you perceive a difference in the air quality the next time you come in, great. And if your dog enjoys his or her stay that much more, just get ready for a more intense hangover on the way home.

Cleaner air means more oxygen. More oxygen means more fuel. And more fuel means more running, jumping, playing and occasionally, frolicking.

If you were wondering, yes, Sniff Arounds have become an even more joyful experience thanks to Hoffman Brothers Heating & Air Conditioning. So, consider opening your next cocktail party conversation with, “hey did you hear The Watering Bowl now has the Air Scrubber Plus system? It’s like a pooper scooper for the air.”

Trust us, it’s a crowd pleaser.

And in case you hadn’t noticed from the article above and our past partnerships, we love supporting other local businesses that are making our town a better place to live and work. So thanks, guys.