For the last seven years, dogs and their owners have come to appreciate the value of a good hangover. What is a good hangover, you ask?

A good hangover is a sure sign that your dog got plenty of exercise while at daycare. A good hangover is what’s left when all the pent up energy and anxiety have left your dog’s body and mind. A good hangover is a chance for a dog’s owner to sleep in just a little bit longer.

But what separates a good hangover from a great one? Cash. One thousand dollars, to be exact.

A great hangover is one that warrants a photo. And it probably comes with a hashtag. A great hangover inspires other owners to say things like, “awww” and “where can I get my dog a first-rate hangover like that?”

With the 4th Annual TWB Hangover Contest starting January 23rd, a great hangover will win the grand prize of five hundred dollars in cash and five hundred dollars for the dog charity of their choice.

 So we’ll be picking the best of the best Doggy Hangovers for the ultimate prize. Last year’s hangover was so epic it wound up on a billboard.

Voting begins January 27th and ends on January 28th at 5PM central time. Votes will be tallied up on January 29th, and the winner will be announced on January 30th.

We’ll also present the check to the winning rescue organization on January 30th.

When you enter, make sure you hashtag your favorite rescue along with #TWBHC.

For Stray Rescue of St. Louis, #SRSTL

For Animal Protective Agency, #APA

For Gateway Pet Guardians, #GPG.

So, your entry may look something like: Brutus took a snooze after a long day at The Watering Bowl. Little does he know that this photo could land us a lot of money to spend on treats and toys, plus a nice donation to #APA. #TWBHC

All voting will take place on our Facebook page. And one like equals one vote.

Spread the word, and may the best hangover win.