Balancing your Pack

Our world hasn’t felt cage-free over the last few months. And now, as things begin to re-open, your dog may be reintroduced to triggers that may cause anxiety. For example, they may not like being left at home alone as their 2-leggeds return to work. Or maybe they haven’t been back to daycare or boarding lately, so they’ll need to readjust to the pack.

We’ve offered CBD at TWB for several months, and we’ve seen the benefits in our dogs and our clients’ pets. We started the process because we were curious how it could help maintain balance both at home and among the pack. 

We were very pleased with the outcome. 

And while you may be aware of the benefits CBD provides to humans, we have a post about the product we’re using, why we picked it and how CBD has helped dogs in our pack ease anxiety, combat inflammation, maintain joint and hip mobility and support immune function. 

With ‘firework season’ upon us and more sleepovers on the horizon at TWB, we wanted to make you aware of these benefits to help your dog feel a little more at ease. We can administer CBD to pets while boarding to help dogs wind down. We also sell bottles at our locations if you’d like to administer it yourself at home. (It’s very simple–just a couple of drops on the tongue.) And since CBD also helps with inflammation and joint mobility, you might consider it after those long hikes and walks you’re taking now that the weather is finally cooperating. 

No matter the reason, we wanted to share our successes with CBD so you can feel informed enough to introduce it to your furry family members if it makes sense for you. And of course, we’re here to answer any questions you may have about the product and our experience. 

Seriously. Ask away.