Relaxing the pack

We have long been proponents of the positive behavioral cues shared in a pack environment. In fact, that’s the whole reason we founded our cage-free canine community. Spending time with the pack may look like a lot of playing and slobbering, but it’s also a lot of learning and leading and following.

All of it translates to a calmer dog who is more apt to behave better at home.

And while they’re with us, our staff works to maintain balance among the pack, so everyone can benefit from this environment. That’s why it was so important for our team to fully understand the potential of introducing CBD to our clientele.

You are likely aware of some of the benefits CBD provides to humans, and you may have even read a few articles about how it can help dogs, too. And you’re not alone. CBD seems to be on the tip of everyone’s tongue these days. We at TWB have taken more than a passing interest in the topic.

We met with numerous companies. We solicited input from several veterinarians. Members of our upper management team along with the owners of The Watering Bowl have trialed CBD on their own dogs. We even conducted a case study with 18 boarding dogs across all four locations over the course of multiple days. From there, we quietly introduced our selected product over the holidays to fine-tune the administration process.

And now, we are proud to make Receptra CBD available to our entire pack.

We chose Receptra because their product is 100% organic and is delivered from farm to table—or in our case, farm to doggy daycare. It’s also a full-spectrum product with minimal ingredients.  Each batch of Receptra oil is third party tested, and every product contains a batch number that can be referenced on their web page for full lab results on every batch of every product.

And we appreciate having access to a local representative to help us through the introduction of the product.

For $4 per dose, our team will administer CBD to dogs whose owners see the benefit of helping:

  • – Ease anxiety
  • – Combat inflammation
  • – Maintain joint and hip mobility
  • – Support immune function

We have plenty of literature on the product and are happy to share our own experiences and how it has helped our dogs.

The end goal is always to create the positive possible environment for the dogs in our care, and a few drops of CBD under the tongue can help maintain balance among our pack.


  1. Peggy Slater on January 22, 2020 at 6:19 pm

    I’m curious…How much is a dose? Few drops??? Wonder if it would help Long Nose Lou settle down in the car.

    • Jeremy on March 11, 2020 at 4:30 pm

      Hey Peggy,
      The dosage is based on weight. Given Lou’s size we would probably start with .75mL and work our way up from there. I definitely think it is worth a shot. Give it to him 30 minutes before you get in the car, and see how it goes.