As you adjust to being at home more, your dog is picking up more cues from their stay-at-home buddy (that’s you). And while we aren’t able to help them get their energy out at TWB while you’re at work, we can help you build a stronger relationship.

Virtual training is available for those who would like to improve communication and address any unwanted behaviors while you may have a little extra time together.

It’s as simple and flexible as it sounds. One of our Butt Sniffers Academy trainers and their dog will connect with you over Zoom and show you how to implement new techniques. Then, they will observe and coach you through the process.

You are welcome to video record the entire session to continue practicing until you schedule your next 1-on-1.

We are also doing group sessions, which are a blast. The nice thing is: you will have the undivided attention of a trainer and specific instructions on how to guide your dog.

This is as new to us as it is to you, but we think these types of interactions can be valuable beyond our current situation. We’ve worked out the technical kinks and we’d love for you to try one – so far, the feedback has been great.

If you are interested in virtual training, simply call any TWB location between 8am and 4pm to schedule a time. Based on availability and subject matter, we will pair you with the right trainer to get you started. 1-on-1 classes are $50 and group sessions are $20.

For more information about our entire training, feel free to click over to the training section of our site.

And if you’d like to learn more before jumping into a session, we’re offering FREE virtual training evaluations. They are about 10 minutes – you get the chance to meet with our trainers to get to know each other and the process a little better. It’s a great way to see if virtual training is for you.

Hey, it’s not conventional, but we might as well make the most of this situation together.