We’ll Be There with Beads On

We’ll also be decked out in TWB gear, so you won’t be able to miss us.

It’s the Purina Pet Parade this Sunday, February 16, and we wouldn’t miss it for the world. Well, unless that world includes a blizzard. Then, we might sit it out. But so far the weather looks perfect.

And we are amped!

After all, this is the largest costumed pet parade in the world. And leads right into the Taste of Soulard and the Wiener Dog Derby, so there are plenty of reasons to get dolled up and bring your parade partner to the mobile party that is the Purina Pet Parade.

Better yet, your registration fee is covered if you’re with our crew.  

All proceeds will go to Open Door Animal Sanctuary, so it’s well worth a walk and a chance to see some of the best pet costumes you’ll ever bear witness to. So definitely keep your camera ready. Wait. How’re you going to do this? A leash, a camera, a drink and throwing out beads?

Ah, you’re smart. You’ll figure it out.

Just meet us at the corner of South 12th Street & Allen Avenue at noon. The parade starts at 1pm and runs for a leisurely hour and a half.

Wear any TWB gear you like, so we know who’s in our pack. (Or don’t, whatever.) And feel free to get your dog into the festivities. Or let them go au naturel—it is Mardi Gras.

You can register your costumed companion if you like, too. The best-dressed participants will be selected as members of the Court of the Mystical Krewe of Barkus and invited to the Coronation Pageant at Soulard Market Park where a worthy King and Queen of Barkus will be crowned.

It’s all very momentous. If you’d like to track the parade route, click back there where the text is highlighted.

And if you like to read information in handy bullet-pointed form, here’s another quick rundown.

  • Purina Pet Parade with The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare & Boarding
  • Sunday, February 16
  • Noon – 2:30pm (not AM, you animal)
  • Meet at South 12th Street and Allen

Now, get it on your calendar, or click the little button on our facebook event.