When cancer bites, we bite back. And now we have the t-shirts to prove it.

One of our very own TWB staffers recently underwent treatment for the cancer she thought was gone. In addition to thoughts and prayers along with words and deeds of support, we are inviting our extended community to join in the effort to help her through this difficult time.

We are making these special-edition t-shirts available to anyone who would like one in exchange for a minimum donation of $10.

If you know Jacque Beagle, you know she’s a big part of who we are. And while she never asked The Watering Bowl for any help, we wanted to lend a hand. TWB is covering all the design and production costs. And we will be forwarding any and all proceeds directly to Jacque and her charity of choice, Cancer Supports STL.

The lavender color was chosen because it represents awareness for every type of cancer. Similarly, Cancer Supports STL offers a wide range of resources at no charge to their members. So, even if you don’t have the good fortune of knowing Jacque, you might be inclined to show your support for someone you do know and love.

The toll of cancer has touched us all in one way or another, and we hope we can comfort a friend while offering others the chance to do the same.

Thank you to our entire cage-free canine community who always manage to overwhelm us with your outpouring of support for worthy causes. We’ve seen it for our partner rescue organizations. We saw it with the hurricane in Houston. And we want you to know we appreciate your generosity and compassion.

Just ask at the front desk, and we’ll be more than happy to find your size.