Treats Unleashed and Dogs Unleashed

It was only a matter of time before two local companies, who mutually shun leashes, would come together for the betterment of St. Louis dogs.

That’s exactly what happened when we decided to begin a fun partnership with Treats Unleashed. If you’re not familiar with them and their products, check out that link back in the last sentence. Or continue reading.

Treats Unleashed was founded by Teresa and Ian and their two dachshunds, Max and Mickey, who moved here from New York. Teresa and Ian are responsible for operations. Max and Mickey? Quality control.

Collectively, they were in search of alternatives to large retailers that supply nutritious, natural pet food and treats. Instead of waiting around, they decided to open up their own place. Voila, Treats Unleashed was born.

Since 2002, they have grown from a mall kiosk to eight retail locations around the St. Louis area. And a truck. Maybe you’ve seen it roll up to dog parks and pet events. You can’t miss it, especially if you’re with a dog.

We immediately saw a lot of common ground with these people and their passion for dogs. Like us, they are building not only a brand but also a community. And we couldn’t be more thrilled to find new and interesting ways to work together.

As a local company who has seen the strength and support of the St. Louis dog-loving population, we are excited to build bridges between our cage-free canine community and the natural place for pets.

We’re starting out by inviting Treats Unleashed lovers to wash down their natural snacks with a trip to The Watering Bowl. Any new crossover customers will get 50% off their first day of doggy daycare with us.

So if you see the treat truck parked next to a Waggin’ Wagon, now you know why.