Top 3 Summer Vacation Ideas From Your Dog

Every Spring, the magazine writers and bloggers get to work publishing ideas for vacation destinations. They do their research and come up with great options for all budgets and desires. Island getaways, family road trips, wineries, hiking and camping opportunities—they’ve got it all covered. 

But there may be another source of information that you are overlooking. A perspective that’s right under your nose, or hogging your bed. That perspective would be your dog’s.

You dog loves you, wants what’s best for you and would, with rare exception, never lead you astray. So on behalf of them and our well-appointed boarding facilities that we offer you a quick list of places your dog would love to see you visit this summer while he or she spends some time with us.

1. A Cruise. It doesn’t really matter where the cruise is going or leaving from. A cruise is a perfect way for you to get away without having to do too much planning and for your dog to stay with us at The Watering Bowl and have all their activities set for the day. They’ll be able to get out and meet new friends while they experience our cage-free doggy daycare from morning to evening. Then, at night, they get to relax in our comfortable sleeping environs.

2. The Alps. French, Swiss, whatever. They’re far away. You’ll have beautiful backdrops for the FOMO you’re trying to induce among your social media circles. And we’ll be taking our own photos and posting them every, single, day on our Facebook page. And when you see all the fun we’re having, splashing in pools, chasing new friends and generally getting our romp on, you may have a little FOMO of your own.

3. Napa. Not the auto parts store, the wine country in California. We’ve heard good things. They have wine—which your dogs know makes you more fun. It’s also a destination that requires at least a 2-night stay at The Watering Bowl. So, the pluses are hard to deny from either perspective. You come home worn out and satisfied from a wonderful trip. So does your dog.

The list could go on, but you’ve probably detected the theme already. Mainly, your dog wants you to get away. Enjoy yourself. Live a little. And in turn, they get to do the same with us at The Watering Bowl.

Because while we’re known for our daycare, each night of boarding comes with a full day of cage-free play. Book your dog’s next vacation simply by calling any of our four locations in St. Louis and St. Peters. Or click here to make a reservation.