The Love Was Overwhelming

It was also mutual.

Thank you to everyone who participated in our 5th Anniversary celebration last month. We had a blast reminiscing and giving a ton of stuff away. Hats, free days, leashes, discounts—it was a whirlwind of excitement for us at both locations.

And we especially enjoyed all of the entries in our “Love Letter Contest.” Over 70 people (and presumably their dogs) entered to win $500 for themselves and $500 for their favorite rescue foundation.

By any measure, that’s a whole lot of love.

And we read through each entry—even the ones that went well beyond our 100-word maximum. And we were blown away!

Thank you again to each and every one of you. Positive encouragement is always welcome at our cage-free canine community. And while wagging tails usually tell us all we need to know, the written word from human companions means a lot as well.

So, without further ado, we are happy to present the winner and the runner up from our first-ever Love Letter Contest…

Miss Mayadoodle! And of course, her highly-literate owner, Kasey Schneider.

Here’s a photo of Maya, and her entry is below.

The Watering Bowl Anniversary Winner dog, Maya


TWB Love Story

There once was a puppy named Miss Mayadoodle.

Her mommy and dad loved her oodles and oodles.

But during the day,

They both were away

And thoughts of lonely Maya were brutal.

So they searched for a place with people who care,

A trained staff that plays and is always prepared.

And what do you know?

The Watering Bowl

Was the answer to all of their prayers.

From going to leaving and the time in between

They’re friendly, professional, and always so clean.

She’s made lots of friends,

So this story ends

With the happiest doggie that you’ve ever seen!

And the other big winner, alongside Maya, is her rescue foundation of choice: Gateway Pet Guardians.

The Watering Bowl Anniversary Winner Kasey Schneider & Maya. They chose Gateway Pet Guardians as the recipient of the check.

The Watering Bowl Anniversary Winner Kasey Schneider & Maya. They chose Gateway Pet Guardians as the recipient of the check.


Our runner up was Shelby whose crafty wording landed her a 5-pack of doggy daycare and a spiffy new TWB leash.

The Watering Bowl Anniversary Runner Up dog, Shelby

The Watering Bowl Anniversary Runner Up dog, Shelby


               Shelby, our black lab, loves The Watering Bowl because:

               Time flies there, and it’s a

               Healthy environment.

               Each dog is treated royally. Dogs are


               Wonderfully free to make friends, and there’s an

               Awesome staff,

               Terrific prices, with

               Everything a dog needs, half- or full-days. Dogs

               Run, romp, and socialize, while

               Investigating and sniffing others. It’s definitely

               Not your average boarding place, and is

              Good for dogs of all shapes and sizes. Dogs can be


               Boarded overnight, and it’s

               Open 7 days a week.

               What dog owners want is a caring,

               Loving environment, like The Watering Bowl.


Thank you again to all of our fans, and congratulations to Maya and Shelby and Gateway Pet Guardians.

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