Staff Spotlight: Matt Fuhrmann

Around The Watering Bowl, dogs usually get all the credit for being loyal. And it makes sense. They come in, day after day, and they’re always happy to be here.

But we also appreciate loyalty when we see it from our staffers. And we think your dogs do, too. Today, we’d like to recognize a staffer who’s been with us for three years. And, go figure, he was originally referred to us by his dog, Lucy.

Matt & Lucy

Matt & Lucy

Meet Matt Fuhrmann. He’s a Floor Leader/Daycare Attendant at our South County location. If you don’t recognize him, that’s okay. Your dog probably does.

Matt has been bringing Lucy to daycare since we first opened. Then, he went off to study biology at Missouri State University.

During breaks and over the summer he was looking to get more experience working with animals. So, he applied at the one place Lucy highly recommended.

And we’re glad he did. After Matt graduated, he came to work with us full time. In Matt’s words, “My dog, Lucy, was going there for daycare, so I already had an idea of the place and kind of knew Jeremy (King). I’ve been there ever since.”

Don’t worry. Lucy got her finder’s fee for recruiting Matt. Now, she gets to come to The Watering Bowl every time Matt comes in. (Pretty good deal.)

Matt has also volunteered at Wildlife Rehab and the Wild Bird Sanctuary. And he’s had internships at The Endangered Wolf Center as well as the Herpetarium at the world-renowned St. Louis Zoo.

About The Watering Bowl Matt says, “I like working with people who, like me, are passionate and care about animals, who will go out of their way to make sure our dogs are cared for and get the attention that they deserve.”

We couldn’t have said it better ourselves. And we’re thrilled that Matt is here to devote his attention to your dogs.