More Hangovers, More Winners

The TWB Hangover contest never disappoints. And this year lived up to our expectations—and then some.

First of all, the Hangovers were dedicated to local rescue organizations, drawing more attention to their causes and the chance for them to win money.

Hangovers, of course, have their own intrinsic value, but uploading them with a little hashtag went a long way.

So, thank you for participating and for making your hangover count not just for your dog, but also for other dogs in the St. Louis area.

Before we reveal the big winner(s), let’s get one last look at the finalists.


Jupiter, Stray Rescue - The Watering Bowl Hangover Contest

Jupiter, tagging Stray Rescue


Iris, Stray Rescue- The Watering Bowl Hangover Contest

Iris, tagging Stray Rescue


Sulley, Gateway Pet Guardians- The Watering Bowl Hangover Contest

Sulley, tagging Gateway Pet Guardians

And if you didn’t see the final announcement on our Facebook page, do a quick little mental drum roll,










Iris took the prize and dedicated her hangover to Stray Rescue.

That means $250 for Iris to spend at The Watering Bowl and $250 to Stray Rescue, via our big, huge, heavily-used, dry erase check. But Iris, being the honorable hangover artist that she is, also donated $50 to each of the other two rescues, Gateway Pet Guardians and Animal Protective Agency. Never before has one hangover benefitted so many dogs.

As for the rest of the contest, it was a success by any measure. And some of

those measures include:

Other notable stats include:

7,427 total votes on the contest.

16 contestants with over 100 votes.

And 1,456 total votes for the finalists.

It was a spirited showdown between all the entries, and we appreciate everyone who helped make it a success. For the next contest, we encourage you to start saving the best hangover pictures of your dog.

And with this being our first year of dedicating hangovers to rescue organizations, we can say with certainty we’ll do it again. It’s an amazing thing when such a passive moment for one dog can have an immediate, positive impact on others.

Or something profound like that.