Is There Even A Naughty List For Dogs?

Fair question. We posed it to ourselves, so it’s that much harder to argue with. Nonetheless, we wonder.

Are dogs capable of occupying a space on Santa’s Naughty List? Or is there just a comically long parchment scroll of good boys and good girls? Well, fortunately, we’ll have the jolly old elf himself coming to each of our four locations to fill us in.

If you’re interested in posing your pup with Saint Nick, here’s his travel itinerary, courtesy of NORAD.

Dog Grove: Monday,12/3

Hanley: Tuesday, 12/4

South County: Wednesday, 12/5

St. Peters: Thursday, 12/6

As you can see, the sleigh jockey is keeping pretty busy this time of year. And his lap is only so big, so make sure you reserve your time slot right away.

Make your reservation jolly.

The session is free to all dogs at daycare, and photos will be available for free on our site at All dogs must be dropped off for daycare by 10:00am in order to guarantee a picture with Santa Paws. Yes, that’s his given name.

Our team of TWB elves will keep things moving and make sure everyone looks their best. They’ll be bringing each dog to Santa throughout the day, and we’re happy to accommodate group photos at your direction.

This is a big deal.

Chances are your dog has been good all year long. And even if there’s been a naughty moment here or there, it’s easy to overlook when you realize how much joy he or she has generated.

So, what would it take for a dog to get on the Naughty List? A dismantled shower curtain rod? A sacrificial couch cushion? A devoured meatloaf?

None of the above. All dogs belong on the nice list as long as they don’t mark their territory on Santa’s red velvety suit.

Even then, it’s not a sure thing.

And if you’re looking for gift ideas for your buddy, ask any of our staff. We’re always happy to help.