Grand Opening To Benefit Rescues

It takes a lot to open a new location. It takes time and energy and long nights and more than a couple coats of paint.

But when it does finally open months and months later, and the dogs start coming in, it’s an amazing reminder of why we started all this in the first place. What could possibly be any more rewarding than seeing happy pups enjoying the new place?

Well, that’s exactly the question we asked ourselves.

The answer: using our official grand opening to raise money for rescue groups in our own backyard.

That’s right, none of that hard work will pay off for us on the day of our grand opening. Instead, all of our proceeds from Saturday, October 24, 2015 will go directly to Stray Rescue, Animal Protective Association and Gateway Pet Guardians.

It’s part of our tradition to support rescue organization, so it only made sense to kick off our official grand opening in The Dog Grove by giving them all we’ve got—literally.

So, consider this your official invitation to join us in our new neighborhood to support some of our old friends.

And to celebrate and entice more people to join us, we are discounting daycare to $20 for the day and offering $5 off all bath and nail treatments in the Paw Spaw. Because we couldn’t do any of this—opening stores or donating proceeds—without the support of our extended cage-free canine community.

Check out the poster below and feel free to share it with as many people who you think would enjoy a day at our new location to help rescue pets.


The Watering Bowl Dog Grove Grand Opening

The Watering Bowl Dog Grove Grand Opening


And if you read closely, we’re making a whole big thing out of it. We’ll have Doggy Dones from our friends at Strange Donuts on hand. Food and drinks will be provided for all dog chauffeurs. And we’ll have all manner of TWB gear to give away.

But of course, there’s more. For a donation to these worthy rescues, you can get a 15-minute, one-on-one consultation with Tracy Pritchard, the dean of Butt Sniffers Academy. We’ll also give away a free 10-pack of daycare to one lucky random winner.

But alas, the Dog Grove location isn’t officially open until it gets one last coat of paint. That’s because we are raffling off the chance for your dog’s likeness to appear on our otherwise finished mural in the lobby.

It’s all part of a big celebration for a good cause. And we can’t wait to see you there.

The Watering Bowl Dog Grove Grand Opening Raffle

Dog Grove Grand Opening Raffle