Fetching Good Cheer

The 5th Annual Frills For Furbabies campaign to raise donations and supplies for Stray Rescue of St. Louis is underway. And once again, The Watering Bowl is proud to join in the spirit of the season.

2013 Frills For Furbabies

Our bins overfloweth. But there’s always room for more!

Last year, our cage-free and caring canine community donated generously to pets in need. In fact, our South County location was recognized as the leading donation site. This year, the goals for the campaign are even more ambitious, and the site that fetches the most donations will earn a commemorative brick at Stray Rescue.

We have been collecting supplies for the effort at both our Brentwood and South County locations since November 18th. The big bin will be available in our lobbies until December 18th.

At The Watering Bowl Doggy Daycare and Boarding, we are always impressed by the kindness of our clients, and we welcome you to help us help Stray Rescue—a cause that is near and dear to all of us.

The puppies in need are looking for toys, dog food and all kinds of other dog supplies such as:

  • – Pop-top canned dog food
  • – Blankets and Towels (gently used is okay)
  • – Bleach
  • – Cleaning supplies
  • – Cheese Whiz
  • – Peanut butter
  • – Martingale/No-slip dog collars (medium and large size)
  • – Dog harnesses (medium and large)
  • – Cat and dog beds
  • – Cat collars
  • – Dog leashes
  • – Cat toys
  • – Kong toys
  • – Nylabones
  • – Medium and large wire crates (36”-52”)
  • – Cat and dog treats
  • – Liquid fabric softener
  • – Dye-free laundry detergent
  • – Garbage bags (55 and 13-gallon)
  • – Litter and litter boxes
  • – OdoBan
  • – Lysol and other air sanitizers
  • – Paper towels
  • – Surgical gloves
  • – Toilet paper
  • – Bottled water

And, of course, Stray Rescue will graciously accept any financial donations. In fact, The Mary Lou Foundation has pledged to match all monetary donations up to $135,000. So, if Stray Rescue manages to raise $135,000, it will actually total $270,000. That would be amazing.

In addition, if you purchase one item from TWB for your pup, you are invited to purchase another of equal or lesser value for half price to donate to Frills for Furbabies.

If you have any questions about an item that you think would be helpful, feel free to call us or Stray Rescue or ask in person the next time you visit The Watering Bowl for doggy daycare or boarding. There is also a list at FrillsForFurbabies.com.

We will post more information through our facebook and twitter accounts, so feel free to spread the word through your network by forwarding those messages. And thank you again for any support you can lend to a very worthy organization.