Extra Ear Rubs, Extra Cash

If a job at The Watering Bowl sounds like a dream, here’s a chance to make it a reality (that still happens to feel like a dream). Just in time for the holiday break, we are inviting seasonal applicants to come join our cage-free canine community. 

It’s a great way to bring in a little extra cheer and spend time with some pretty ecstatic clientele. Not to mention, our staff is amazing too. Plus, it kind of works out perfectly. We’re busiest during the holidays, and seasonal workers might be home from college and looking for a fun place to hang during the day. 

Aside from the obvious incremental income, there are several other perks to punching the clock at The Bowl. 

First of all, you can bring your dog to work with you. And let’s be honest. That’s who you’re coming home to see over the holidays anyway. So they get a full day of play in our doggy daycare, and you get a full day of pay. Almost feels like double-dipping. 

A friendly dog licks a Watering Bowl employee's face

Then, if you decide you like it and want to keep working with us, we offer well-structured growth opportunities, pet wellness reimbursement and a retirement plan. Retirement may seem far away, but eventually, you may want to leave us to spend even more time with your dog. 

There’s more we’d love to tell you about if you’re interested. You can also check out the full job listing on Indeed. But if you’re intrigued, we’re always looking for good, dog-loving people. Just fill out the online application, and we’ll get right back to you.

If you know someone who might enjoy this kind of opportunity, feel free to copy and paste the URL up there and send it to them, or better yet, tag them in a facebook post. College kids love it when they receive unsolicited career advice via social media. Trust us.