Endless Love

We were overwhelmed with the outpouring of love we received during our 5th Anniversary celebration.

With over 70 submissions in the first-ever TWB Love Letter Contest, it was a lot to go through. But we would do it all again because it seems like everyone enjoyed putting their affection on paper almost as much as we enjoyed reading it.

And while we did select a pair of winners, we also had some favorites that are worth highlighting.

So, please, feel free to read through some nice words from some nice people on behalf of some of our best friends.

And thank you again.


“He has more of a social life than I do…”

“We have each other’s tails, and we know the Watering Bowl is a place our unconventional, little family can always count on. After all, they have our tails, too.”

-Heather & Lenny Ervin


“Recently, while on vacation, Fred’s stomach became twisted (bloat) and Brittney at TWB was quick to react, Fred was taken for emergency surgery. TWB’s quick action saved Fred’s life.  Cait was great with communication and a very genuine concern. THANK YOU, we love TWB!”

-Steve & Fred Megahan


“I knew as soon as my 4 paws touched the floor of your domain that we would be in for the long-haul.  TWB has provided me with so many bro-dog buddies that I will be forever grateful…All-in-all, TWB, I just want to tell you how much you mean to me, and I wouldn’t want to spend my days with anyone else.”

-Yadi Teibel


“…A place with people who care,

A trained staff that plays and is always prepared.

From going to leaving and the time in between

They’re friendly, professional, and always so clean…”

-Kasey and Maya Schneider


“Fiona and Duke started going to TWB a few years ago… Duke would do ANYTHING Fiona did, and it never failed 99.99% of the pics of Fiona, there was Duke!  After Fiona passed unexpectedly, TWB touched our hearts with a sympathy card signed by many of the staff.”

-Angie & Duke Rogers


“The Watering Bowl lets her run around all day, It’s so much better than being stuck home alone and not able to play. The day is filled with so much fun she never wants it to end, Every time she goes she makes a new friend.”

-Lauren & Lilli Benson


“Congratulations on five (and counting) years of success,

For entertaining our furry kids and reducing our stress.

After a short amount of time, you became a trend,

Now our spoiled Ridgebacks beg to visit their pup friends.”

-Missy, Jenga, and Ivy Lynch



“I wake up in the morning to a brand new day

I lick my mom’s toes; she’s up! Oh yay!

She groans and gets ready but I know what this means

We get to ride in that big grey machine!

Soon it appears, like a star in the night

The Watering Bowl, glowing with light”

-Elizabeth and Louie Mackay


“When I walk through your door, my paws become overwhelmingly antsy. My butt gets the worst case of the the wiggles and I just lose all control of my tail.”

-Jodi and Ranger Bleckler


“Where the dogs gonna play, play, play, play, play
Counselors stay out the way, way, way, way, way
I’m just gonna wag, wag, wag, wag, wag
Wag my tail, I wag my tail!”

-Bosco and Jessica Goldberg


“Ozzie and Gibson, the pups in our home,

Don’t always have enough time to roam.

We make time for hikes, walks and runs,

But nothing compares to freedom with four legged chums”

-Lauren, Ozzie, and Gibson Sullivan



“Once upon a time, there lived a peculiar looking, energetic tail-wagger, Her parents walked her every day, until their legs would stagger. “How can we keep up,” they pondered, “her energy knows no bounds?” “It’s not like we can skip work, she eats her food by the pounds!” Then they discovered The Watering Bowl, a magical place where pups run free, And while the pooches played all day, their parents could tune in and see.”

-Benson and Erin Riske



“All Mom has to say is… Jack, want to go to “The Bar”?… & I have my leash ready to go! Mom calls it “The Bar” because I have a hangover the next day.”

-Jennifer and Jack Brennell



“But, after a few hours at TWB Rugby greeted mom with a wet face, a big smile, and a refusal to leave the building!”

-Julie and Rugby Gladstone



“The Watering Bowl taught her how to be a dog, how to play and relax.”

-Lori and Myrtle Brown



“In the morning when I arise
And see the hope in Julep’s eyes
That today will be the one
When she gets the chance to run
And play with all of her friends
Where the fun never ends
At the Watering Bowl”

-Julep, Judy, and Frieda



“ He was a bit depressed that she didn’t seem to care that we were leaving her for the day, but I assured him that it was a good thing. The Watering Bowl helps us keep Phoebe active during this really cold season, and we never worry about her when she is there. She always comes home tired and happy.”

-Casey, Eric, and Phoebe Messmer



“[Wake up.]

OMG it’s play day!

[Lick. Lick butt. Lick Human’s face.]


Wait—what’s that?



Best. Day. Ever!

Future hangover here I come!

[Arrive at TWB.]”

-Auggie Stamm