This year’s Hangover Contest is back, and once again it’s time to recognizing the world’s most deserving Doggy Hangover with $1,000.

So, start scrolling through your photo albums or capturing the ever-elusive, perfect photo of your passed out companion. But first, read carefully below to find out how to participate.

$1,000 Hangover Contest Schedule

SUBMISSIONS: Begins the morning of April 21 and ends at 7:00 pm CDT on April 23.


VOTING: Begins as soon as the album is posted on TWB’s Facebook page the morning of April 25 and ends at 7:00 pm CDT on April 26.

$1,000 Winner Announcement: April 29

In the meantime, here are the important nuts and bolts of how to submit and vote.


– Beginning 4/21, Simply post your entry directly to The Watering Bowl’s Facebook page.

– Include your dog’s name

– Tag it #TWBHC19 and dedicate your submission with an accompanying hashtag — #SRSTL for Stray Rescue of St. Louis, #APA for Animal Protective Association, #GPG for Gateway Pet Guardians or #NPR Needy Paws Rescue

– Don’t forget the rescue hashtag!

– Once we see your picture, we will like it to acknowledge receipt

If your dog wins, so does your favorite rescue. $500 for each of you to be exact. Oh, and don’t forget to include your dog’s name so we can give proper credit.


Now, the good stuff. Please read carefully.

– We will post an album of all of the photos on Facebook on the morning of April 25th.  Those are the only photos that are eligible for voting.

– Only votes received on those photos in the album between the morning of 4/25 and 7:00 pm on 4/26 will count.

– And remember, 1 like = 1 vote (liking a “share” won’t figure in the voting, so make sure you like the actual photo to make your vote count).

– Voting won’t start until 4/25 as noted above, so please wait until then to start encouraging your friends to vote. (Likes received during the submission period do not count.)

Oh, and you don’t have to be a current TWB client to participate. So tell your friends!

It’s so on. And For those who don’t know, the history behind the Hangover phenomenon, pull up a chair.

It all started shortly after we opened our doors. Because we were one of the first cage-free doggy daycares in St. Louis, not everyone knew quite what to expect after a full day of play at The Watering Bowl. Of course, it’s great for the dog. They get to stretch all four legs and meet new best friends constantly.

But when they get home, they are more than ready for a nap. Maybe a couple naps. Maybe a full day of napping is in order. And when dog owners noticed their pups sleeping through the mailman after their stay, they wondered if that was normal.

That’s when the phone began to ring. “I know you’re supposed to let a sleeping dog lie, but mine’s been lying around for the better part of an afternoon. Should I be worried?”

The short answer is no. The fun answer is, “Congratulations. You basically just got two days of daycare for the price of one. And we call it the Hangover Effect. You can expect a worn out, well-behaved dog who is probably reliving the entire experience in a wonderful doggy dream state. Do not disturb.”

Once people got it, they were excited. We started to see photos of passed out pooches and decided to turn it into a contest.

Because, while you’re accustomed to seeing beauty shots of dogs playing, you don’t always see a dog sleeping (hard) when you’re scrolling through your feed.

And the harder they sleep, the better the photo. You can dress the scene to up the ante and increase your chance of winning the $1,000 prize for the best photo in the Hangover Contest. In fact, we encourage you to get creative.

The dogs do, too. Because $500 of the prize goes directly to your rescue organization of choice. The other $500 goes into your pocket.

And this year, we have a special wrinkle we’re planning on adding to the prize package. So stay tuned.

For now, mark your calendar and plan your photo session.