#DoMoreWithYourDog Staff Picks

At The Watering Bowl, we are all about socialization. We want your dog to get out and play, mix it up and sniff out some new best friends. But socialization isn’t just about spending time with us.

It’s also about you and your dog hanging out with each other. We love hearing stories from long weekends you’ve spent together and new places you’ve discovered.

That got us to thinking. What are the best places to #DoMoreWithYourDog?

Luckily, we have an entire crew who have dedicated themselves to spending (a lot of) time with dogs. So, we took an informal poll to get recommendations on where to go with your best friends based on where they like to take theirs.

So feel free to check out these endorsements. See if you agree, and by all means, add your own recommendations in the comments. We’re always looking for new ideas or overly enthusiastic reinforcements of our existing preferences.

As you may have guessed, the most popular answer was The Riverfront Trail at Castlewood Park. It’s easy to get to but feels like you’re on a distant adventure. Plus, the terrain is flat and shady—two attributes appreciated by dogs and humans alike.


The Lone Wolf Trail at Castlewood is another favorite. Unlike The Riverfront Trail, it’s a decent climb. But the view is worth it. You’ll probably see several other ambitious hikers along the way. 

And Chubb Trail gets a special shout out from TWB ownership as an ideal place for dogs and kids, complete with rocks for climbing and a creek for splashing. Plus the views a pretty impressive.

Brommelsiek Park in St. Charles has been voted “Best Dog Park” in the region. But more importantly, it received a few votes from TWB staff. It has 7 miles of trails and an off-leash area with a pond and everything. Pretty cool, whether you’re a dog or not.

Cuivre River, JB Park, Carondelet Park and Bluff View overlooking the river all received votes from both sides of the leash.

For a day trip, there were several proponents of Pickle Springs, in Ste. Genevieve.

Hopefully, this is just the tip of the funberg. If you have other spots you love or can’t wait to go back to, let us know. We’re always looking to check out more.