If you would have told us in 2010, when we first opened in South County, that we’d be getting ready to open our fourth location in 2018, we would’ve thought you were crazy.

If you would have told us we’d reach as far as St. Peters, we’d insist on a psychiatric screening.

That’s not because we didn’t want to be in St. Peters. It’s because we didn’t quite realize how this place would grow and take shape over time. Our second location on Hanley quickly extended our reach. Then, Dog Grove solidified our commitment to the city, its residents and commuters. And we’ve met nothing but love and support from dog lovers who continue to inspire us.

None of this would be possible without the spirit that all of our employees and clients bring to us every single day.

It truly has become a cage-free canine community in many ways. Now that this community extends beyond the wide Missouri River, we’re looking forward to meeting a ton of new people and their best friends.

We are a long way from open, but we’ve already felt an abundance of support from the area. And we’re thrilled to share the news with you. Hopefully, you won’t mind sharing the news with your friends and family in the area.

After a long search, we found the ideal spot. We’ll be doing a ton to make it even more ideal in the coming weeks. We’re working with an architect and a robust demo and construction crew to bring it up to TWB standards.

We’re also on the prowl for some amazing employees to join us. So if you know anyone who loves dogs and a work environment that’s never dull, feel free to share this post or a link to our employment page.

We can’t wait to make St. Peters our next home and hopefully a home away from home for the dogs of St. Charles County. So, stay tuned. These new store openings are full of excitement. Or maybe that’s just drool.